Lynn Killips

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Lynn is a consulting psychologist, clinical nutritionist, and integrative health coach who works with individuals and leaders to facilitate optimal brain health for enhanced performance and cognition.

In addition to her background in business as an entrepreneur, she worked on the first clinical trial of a lifestyle-only approach for the prevention and reversal of cognitive decline. She's currently working on a larger, subsequent research study, using the same precision medicine, lifestyle-only approach for the reversal of cognitive decline. 

The organization presents a unique opportunity to improve brain health (and general health) in multiple people at one time in a group program or by working with multiple individuals from a leadership team. The goal of a brain health program is to interrupt early pathological changes and reduce the incidence and trajectory of cognitive decline in leaders within the organization.

Alzheimer's disease is preventable through a precision, orchestrated approach, tailored to the individual's physiology, addressing specific lifestyle factors. Such a program addresses factors known to prevent and reverse the pathological processes that contribute to cognitive decline, reducing their cumulative effect and thereby reducing risk.  

Lynn is passionate about the inherent ability we each have to manage our health destiny, including preventing cognitive changes as we age.