Michelle Smart

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An Introduction

I have played many roles throughout the seasons of my life. With every season there is adaptation, shedding the once defining role and donning a new coat. I move forward into uncertainty once again.

My signature presence is unique because I am a professional caregiver who understands that change and growth require the wholeness of one’s being. Importantly, our heart is the cornerstone of our being and is directly connected to our mind and body. I look forward to engaging in conversation that will help you become future focused and abundant.

- Authentically Michelle PT BSc, CEC

“I really enjoy the questions you ask and the way you reframe issues and offer a very different perspective. You’re always present and listen carefully, all your observations and insights have been helping me push past my own self-imposed limitations. You’re a wonderful coach and I’m looking forward to working with you.” -CHIEF OF STAFF

“I really find your questions helpful, especially those that draw out ideas and actions for me to reflect on.” - COO

“Thank you for the sessions. They have changed how I view life.”

“Thank-you so much for your guidance through this time of transition for me. You are a fantastic coach.”


“I empower others to live in their creative tension and enable them to make a shift towards their personal vision of what is possible.”


“I seek to live in the space of exploration and uncertainty. I want to foster love and unconditional acceptance of others; therefore, it is in service to the larger diverse community and to my own well- being that I will transcend.”


Royal Roads University (RRU):

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching - August 2022

Masters  of Arts in Leadership - Health Specialization - December 2024


RRU Entrance Award - January 2022

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) Harvey F. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship - May 2022

BC Graduate Scholarship - September 2022