Michelle Smart

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Frontline Care Consultant Pt,BSc

33 years as a frontline hospital-based staff physiotherapist, with experience in peripheral and tertiary hospital settings. Primarily cares for the post-operative rehabilitation, of the orthopedics patient population at London Health Sciences Centre- University Hospital, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Career dedicated to direct patient care. It is in the doing that one becomes an expert.

LHSC Scott Dumaresq Employee Recognition Award 2004.

" We must find a way for the lived experience of of both patients and providers to be the most highly valued commodity in health system improvement "- Fred Horne ( Health policy consultant, former MLA and Alberta health minister.)

" Seeing professionals such as you demonstrate such exceptional leadership and commitment to better patient outcomes means more that you know"  -Fred Horne

Submissions to the Healthcare Quarterly, Institute for Healthcare improvement: Forum, Summit on Primary Care, Patient Safety Congress.   Discussing topics: Leadership, Culture, Patient Experience, Value Based Patient Care, Workforce Engagement, Frontline Clinical Leadership,  and the value of Professional Goodwill as it relates to quality,  from a frontline lived experience.

" your content is very important"-  IHI Patient Safety Congress storyboards team 2021 

"You put a lot of time and effort into developing the manuscript, and certainly earned the right to be published. "- Dianne Foster Kent , Editorial Director/Longwoods Publishing Corp. 

"Care is a set of activities which like music, poetry and art , makes us human: it reflects our capacity for tenderness and generosity, to reach beyond our own self-interest to serve the flourishing of another. Our sense of dignity rests on the actions of others: without relationship, interactions can swiftly become degrading and humiliating. Care is a deceptively demanding task and is a form of emotional labour which has to draw deeply on the healthcare provider's life experience and world view. It can only be sustained by strong relationships with colleagues and managers."  - Bunting 2020