Murali Krishna Jayaprakash

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My Coaching philosophy:

Oneness: When all the facade of national identity, religion, language, gender falls off, what still shines forth is One true nature that radiates with love and kindness. 

My life experience as a sailor from the age of 19 to the last 10+ years of working onboard high risk deep-water oil rigs has strengthened my conviction of Oneness. When the sun sets, all the concerns we have are connected to what is under our roof and on this pale blue dot. 

My practice :

I coach around Change & Clarity. The need for clarity rises often due to a moment of Change one has embarked upon- to speak up, to say NO, to be less anxious, to excel, to get to Great from Good or Change is thrust upon them- A broken relationship, A promotion in workplace, Change in relationship status- Father, Husband etc, Change in location due to work etc- and they seek clarity & momentum to move forward.  

What I bring with me to Coaching:

My strong resonance of Oneness and my life experience where I was blessed to work with multiple nationalities in a high pressure work field where best and worst energies emanate.

Oil rig is a unique workplace, it is a place where one can find differing cultures - over 20 nationalities packed in that small metal platform, working & living there -working for a common goal,; but still steeped in each one's native/ home land energies because of the short work- leave schedule of the industry. It is a petri dish to observe humanity, especially as it is a high risk &d High pressure work place.

Often I am asked ' Why such a huge shift from Industrial domain to Coaching ' , my answer has been/ is , " It is not a huge shift , the core element across industries remains the same, the Human".

Coaching credentials:

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) - considered as the gold standard of Coach certification. In addition I have also trained as a PQ Coach, an amazing framework designed by Shirzad Chamine under Positive Intelligence.


I find resonance with executives who seek support to enhance their Emotional & Social Intelligence skills. The impact often starts in personal life and soon I get delighted when they find themselves transformed at work place.  This all becomes possible as my clients discover their authentic selves and find actions to take from that space.

I also love to coach Physicians, for the impact I as a Coach can have is 100X via a self transformed healthcare worker.