Patty Brandmaier

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Patty Brandmaier spent 32 years at the Central Intelligence Agency, serving both domestically and abroad.  Her CIA trajectory led her from an entry-level analyst to serving as a member of CIA’s senior executive leadership team. Patty held a succession of senior assignments, to include stewarding CIA’s relationships with both the Department of Defense and the US Congress, handling sensitive issues and negotiations and advancing critical relationships. She also led critical mission initiatives, such as successfully reengineering CIA’s nation-wide recruitment program to attract mission critical diversity and, at the request of the Director, CIA, driving comprehensive, organization-wide culture change.  She was recognized at the highest levels for her strategic leadership impact, ability to develop and lead high performance teams, and contributions to CIA’s leadership and workforce development. Now an executive strategist and coach, Patty’s purpose and passion in life is working with leaders and teams to create opportunity from challenge and thrive in uncertainty. She believes that leadership resiliency and high performance is grounded in self-awareness  - at the individual, team and organizational level; leveraging the collective talent and divergent expertise of teams and networks; and creating thriving work cultures that inspire.