Rick Koonce

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Rick is an accomplished leadership coach who has worked with executives and teams across five continents.  The co-author of six books on leadership, including Growing Leaders (ATD, 2001), he has coached executives at all levels (including the C-Suite) in a diverse range of industries including biopharma, healthcare, aerospace, banking, professional services, financial services, creative services, family businesses, and manufacturing.

Rick’s particular passion is helping executives and managers lead change, build strong teams, enhance their leadership/executive presence, and communicate effectively with key internal stakeholders and external constituencies.  His coaching involves a rigorous process of asking probing questions, generating self-reflection, building trust and rapport, and helping coachees develop clear (and measurable) coaching goals.  Clear agreement is struck, early in each coaching agreement, to align coaching goals with business strategy, and to address existing/emerging skills gaps or professional development priorities.  As coaching proceeds, various methods are employed to accelerate and facilitate the learning process, and to gauge progress. These methods include assessments, stakeholder interviews, and various “dialogic” tools and frameworks designed to help a leader strengthen their leadership of others, and enhance their influence and impact in different organizational settings. 

Rick is a long-time executive coach to the Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania, where he coaches in the MBA and Advanced Management Programs. He also serves as a coach to the McColl School of Business at Queens University in Charlotte, NC.  

Rick is a frequent contributor to publications such as HR Executive, TD Magazine, and Chief Learning Officer Magazine and has published over 100 articles in professional journals and businesses magazines in the course of his career. 

Prior to becoming an executive coach, Rick worked for 15 years as a senior change management consultant to PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting and IBM.

Earlier his career, Rick was a broadcast journalist and a regular contributing commentator to public Radio's popular business program, "Marketplace" for five years.