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Ruth is the founder of ALLE LLC and the co-founder of the IN IT TOGETHER group coaching programs.
A coach, trainer, lawyer, project manager, mediator - Ruth is passionate about people and their potential!

Ruth says she has never met anyone who does not have a wealth of special qualities and a unique blend of character strengths just ready to make an impact!

She trained as a coach to help bring forth these attributes in others, and convinced that 1:1 coaching would be a passion, over time Ruth discovered the power of the group. She has always loved enabling teams to function at their peak, and it turns out that passion means GROUP coaching as well as speaking, workshops, and group trainings fire up her zest! There is the potential for so much wisdom, learning and cross-pollination of ideas in a group.

Ranked in 2021 on Thinkers360 as a top 10 thought leader in Mental Health and the Future of Work and top 25 in the topic of Leadership, Ruth’s passion is people making workplaces work – for them and the organization.

Ruth’s top VIA character strengths are: Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Bravery, Curiosity, Fairness, Gratitude, and Hope!

She practices mindfulness, loves her pets (currently two rabbits called Dylan & BunnyPenny aka BunnyPiggy), and the birds, bees, trees and flowers in her back yard. She is in almost constant awe at the wonders of nature!