Sackeena Gordon-Jones

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Dr. Sackeena Gordon-Jones is an award-winning global Executive and Leadership Coach, leadership consultant, strategist, speaker, coach educator and author.

 Dr. Gordon-Jones is the founder and Chief Coaching Officer of Transformation Edge Coaching and Consulting, a women-owned firm which provides executive, leadership, group, team and mentor coaching, strategic planning, customized science-based inclusion training, consulting and keynote speaking services.

Sackeena has spent her career helping leaders learn, develop, strategize, improve thinking, make better decisions, lead inclusively, transform team and organization culture, deliver impact and foster extraordinary results. Her clients are international, multicultural and across industries; They include C-suite, women in leadership, executives, physicians, clinicians, military and government leaders, high-tech, finance, pharma, manufacturing, and health care.

Sackeena is the first African-American to own an ICF Accredited Coach Training Institute with the MCC Credential.  She currently serves as the director of the Transformation & Business Coach Institute, offering open enrollment and customized coach training programs for individuals and a variety of organizations, which include: Academic Medical Centers, US Military, Technology, Higher-Ed, Government, Health Sciences and Manufacturing, to name a few.  Prior to coaching, Sackeena was head of global leadership, learning and organization development.

A leader in the industry, Sackeena has served the International Coaching Federation (ICF), as well as,  the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO), on the local, regional and global board levels. She is currently a fellow with the Institute of Coaching (IOC) and holds the Master Certified Coach Credential from ICF. Sackeena is a member of the African Diaspora and has family members on 4 continents.