Umberto Zerbini

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Clinical neuropsychologist and Ph.D in Behavioral neuroscience, he graduated from the State University of Siena, State University of Rome La Sapienza and Catholic University of Rome. He trained with great behavioral neurobiology and psychology masters, such as Henry Laborit, Viktor Frankl and Michael Mahoney. He was a professor of applied psychology in the universities of Siena, Florence and Barcelona. He is director of programs of Behavioral neuroscience, Coaching science and Generative processes of the mind at the "Centro Universitario Intenazionale", a scientific research body recognized by the Italian government. He teaches neurodevelopment, functional and behavioral neuroscience and neurocoaching applied to health and performance. He developed two registered intervention models: neurofunctional therapy© (used in the psychopathological field), and Changing Mind © (used for the prevention, health promotion and performance of individuals, groups and organizations).​For his work, he received the Gold Medal from the medical school of the State University of Rijeka and other awards​. He is Chairman of the National Register of Professional Coaches, to which are admitted coaches who have graduated from legally recognized universities and schools .