Bachkirova, Tatiana

Tatiana Bachkirova

Tatiana Bachkirova is Professor of Coaching Psychology and Co-Director of the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies at Oxford Brookes University, UK. As well as being an academic, which involves teaching and supervising PhD students, she is also a coaching supervisor and leads the internationally delivered programme of Advanced Study in Coaching Supervision.

Professor Bachkirova is a recognised author, international speaker and holder of many awards for distinguished contribution to coaching psychology and supervision. As an active researcher she published many research articles, book chapters and books, including the Complete Handbook of Coaching (2010, 2014 and 2018), Coaching and Mentoring Supervision: Theory and Practice (2011 and 2021), Developmental Coaching: Working with the Self (2011) and The SAGE Handbook of Coaching (2017).


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