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A Look at our Last ICLF in Barcelona Spain, September 2022

Thanks and gratitude to the amazing group of coaches (from 16 countries!) who joined us at our first LIVE leadership forum in over two years in beautiful Barcelona! This event showed that a small group of committed, passionate souls can change the world for the better (as Margaret Meade reminds us).

Special thanks to Rolf Pfeiffer (he/him) and Ramón Estrada for designing and executing a flawless event, to Tiffany Dally and the super team behind the scenes in Boston, Barcelona, and Germany that made it all possible. Also to the brilliant speakers Jacinta M. Jiménez, Vanessa Daswani, Daniel Hires, Angela Passarelli, Anthony Willoughby and the extraordinary group of C-suite leaders who brought their wisdom, insights and creativity to provoke and expand our thinking about the current and future role of coaching in the world.

With coaches like these working their magic with leaders across the globe, the future is, indeed, bright!