Dr Suzi Skinner

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Bio of Dr Suzi Skinner (PhD, M.Appl.Sci., MCC)

I have been practicing as an executive coach with clients around the world for 17 years. My practice is underpinned by two core philosophies – an unconditional positive regard for the inherent potential in every individual and a healthy respect for evidence-based coaching practices that can drive sustainable change. I currently work with clients at EVP level through to Director level, in mainly multi-national organizations worldwide.

My coaching approach is both supportive and constructively direct. I positively challenge individuals at any level of seniority to challenge their thinking and to adopt mindsets that will set them up for longer term success. I am also comfortable having the tough conversations with clients to help them address potential blindspots that may be holding them back. This approach assists clients to reinvigorate their leadership, inspire those around them, transition successfully into new roles and overcome challenges that may be derailing their personal or professional success. Re-aligning clients to their natural strengths and to the best parts of who they are (and who they are aspiring to be) is a core part of my approach.

This passion for people is balanced with a strategic perspective that helps clients to see further and to think more broadly. Helping clients anticipate and address the complexities of their roles is a fundamental aspect of my approach. This strategic frame translates into my organization-wide work helping to create cultures of leadership at every level. This goal was the driver for my published book titled “Build Your Leader Identity” which aims to help every individual take greater ownership and accountability for their leader potential. As a result of the success of this approach, I currently coach, facilitate and consult with global organizations who are committed to establishing cultures of positivity and empowering leaders everywhere.

Given my passion for leadership I am currently completing a Doctorate in Leadership with Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong. I hold a Masters in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology. I am also an MCC certified coach through the International Coach Federation. I am a founding fellow of the Institute of Coaching in Boston and a Harnisch Scholar. I am certified in a number of leadership assessments including the Hogan Leadership Series, the Multi-Factor Leadership Questionnaires, the Standout Strengths approach and the Leadership ID range of Assessments.