Eva Jenkins

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After a battling cancer for several years, and now in remission, Eva Jenkins is returning to VIP Innovations as a Professional Life Coach.    “I am so excited and happy to return full-time to VIP Innovations and start the new Coaching Practice.  This has been a dream of mine for a long time and now, I am looking forward with excitement and lots of energy in developing this new area of the business.  “My mission is to work with a wide range of clients who recognize the importance of continued growth and self-development in achieving their individual goals”. 

How my coaching philosophy differs is that my on-going continued education in Neurobehavioral modelling, allows me to have more in depth working knowledge of the brain for creating change and facilitating development in the client.   With my previous 25+ years in business administration and human resource management, my goal is to advocate of what I call “The Three A’s” of success- Assessment, Analysis and Action.   These tools can provide information about a unique individual that the coach can then create the right coaching system, structure, support & feedback.   To me, coaching is not about making decisions for my clients, “It’s about helping people reach their own set of objectives and goals”.

The right coaching relationship resembles any good partnership, professional or personal.    There is respect, trust and a shared vision.