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Coaching to Thrive

PowerPoint slides to compliment Dr. James O. Prochaska's keynote presentation at the 2017 Harvard Medical School Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

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Impact of psychoeducational content delivered online to a positive psychology aware community

Happiness-increasing interventions demonstrate significant variation in outcomes, suggesting that the people who use them might be as important as the interventions themselves to determine efficacy....

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An online positive affect skills intervention reduces depression in adults with type 2 diabetes

Positive affect predicts improved glycemic control and longevity in adults with type 2 diabetes. We tested Developing Affective HeaLth to Improve Adherence (DAHLIA) a self-paced online intervention for type 2 diabetes that teaches positive affect skills such as savoring gratitude and acts of kindness....

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Positive impact by design: The Wales Centre for Behaviour Change

The Wales Centre for Behaviour Change is a research project that aims to integrate positive psychology with emerging technologies and behavioral science to promote prosperity and well-being. The behavioral focus emphasizes choice architectures and environmental triggers in their influence on positive change....

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Crowd-powered positive psychological interventions

Recent advances in crowdsourcing have led to new forms of assistive technologies commonly referred to as crowdpowered devices. To best serve the user these technologies crowdsource human intelligence as needed when automated methods alone are insufficient....

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EARTH of Well-Being System: A pilot study of an Information and Communication Technology-based positive psychology intervention

The positive technology field combines the objectives of positive psychology with enhancements from information and communication technologies....

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Positive living: A pilot study of group positive psychotherapy for people with schizophrenia

Positive psychology interventions target positive emotions in order to increase happiness engagement in life and well being while also ameliorating the impact of symptoms on a person’s life. We examined an adapted version of group positive psychotherapy for people with schizophrenia (Positive Living (PL)) in a pilot study....

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To each his own well-being boosting intervention: using preference to guide selection

This study investigates whether using a selection method based on participant preference increased preference adherence or efficacy compared to an unmatched group. Undergraduate students (N¼127) participated in the study over a 4-week period....

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Positive Psychology Coaching Interventions

This article is an introduction to Positive Psychology Coaching Interventions.

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Positive Psychology Coaching: Putting the Science of Happiness to Work for Your Clients

Positive psychology moves psychology from a medical model toward a strengths model to help clients shore up their strengths and thereby lead happier, more fulfilling lives....