Executive Coaching

Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty

MIT Research Brief: Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty by Deborah Ancona , Seley Distinguished Professor of Management at MIT Sloan School of Management and the faculty director of MIT Leadership Center.

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Slide Presentation: Virtuous Leaders in the 21st Century

Slide presentation to follow to Dick Kilburg's 2012 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference presentation.

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Research Abstracts on Virtuous Leadership

Institute of Coaching Post Doctorate Research Fellow LT Col Todd Tice translates the research on virtuous coaching.

Leading Through a Storm of Criticism - A Case Study Vignette

A C-Suite Coaching Case to accompany the Master Class on Coaching Virtuous Leaders in the 21st Century.

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About Richard R. Kilburg

A short biography of Dr. Richard Kilburg.

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2013 Video interview with Richard Kilburg, PhD on the evolution of coaching.

This video is snippet of Richard Kilburg PhD evolution of coaching.

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Managing the Internal Labour Market in a Manufacturing Company: Explaining Coaching's Perceived Ineffectiveness

ABC manufacturing is a large publicly listed manufacturer and distributor. The mission of the organization is to deliver superior and sustainable returns through leading market positions in the construction resources and industrial markets....

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Investigating the role of the active ingredients in executive coaching

Several factors termed the active ingredients have been shown to play a major role in the success of psychotherapy. These ingredients have been theoretically extended to executive coaching but the impact of these ingredients on coaching success has not yet been tested. This study examined the effects of three active...

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Assistant General Counsel Coaching Case presented by Lew Stern, PhD

Executive Coaching Case:...

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Powerpoint Slides for the Podcast: Moving Coaching Assessment into the 21st Century!

This is the powerpoint slide deck that is a resource for the podcast on Moving Assessment into the 21st Century with Lew Stern, PhD

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