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Fellow Directory


Paul Edelman, PhD

Family Business Consultant | Executive Coach, Edelman and Associates
Lakeville, MA, United States

Marilyn Edelson

Leadership Coach and Networking Expert, Best Year Yet
Newton, MA, United States

April Elliott

Calgary, AB, Canada

Kerri Elmore

North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Raoul Encinas

Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Jane Englebardt

Principal, Upshot Advisors, LLC
New York, NY, United States

Liselotte Engstam

Chair & Board Director, Advisor & Coach , Digoshen by Innovisa
Stockholm, Sweden

Tünde Erdös

Executive Coach, PTC Coaching
Eichgraben, Austria

Ramón Estrada

Scaleup Strategist, Executive Coach and Growth Consultant, Barcelona, B, Spain

Klaus Ewerth

Managing Partner, The Human Impact Group
Hamburg, Germany

Becky Falkingham

Partner and Executive Coach, The Alexander Partnership
Ripon, United Kingdom

Alison (Ali) Fa...

Principal, GTL Coaching & Consulting
Watertown, MA, United States

Mark Farrer-Brown

Coach for Entrepreneurs, Fit to Lead
London, England, United Kingdom

Maureen Faul

CEO, Mo Life Media, LLC
POMPANO BEACH, FL, United States

Rosemary Feal

Executive Coach and Independent Consultant, New York, NY, United States

Patti Feeney

Leadership Coach and Senior Education and Consulting Program Leader, and Weitzman Institute
Southington, CT, United States

Jennifer Fickeler

Senior Vice President, Global Master Coach , Lee Hecht Harrison
St Louis, MO, United States

Casey Field

Managing Director, Trident Coaching Group
Auburn, CA, United States

Marti Fischer

Principal, Marti Fischer Group
New York, NY, United States

Vitaliy Fishberg

Staten Island, NY, United States

Dan Fisher

Managing Partner, Contemporary Leadership Advisors
Place Hold, NY, United States

Colin Fisher

Associate Professor, UCL School of Management
London, United Kingdom

Davine Floy

CEO and Founder, Exponentially Well Institute For All Inc.
Newark, NJ, United States

Paula Flynn

Director , Oisin Pty Ltd
Hawthorn, VIC, Australia

Eileen Fracchia

Founder and Managing Principal, El Camino Group, LLC
Beverly Hills, CA, United States

Beth Frates

Board of Directors, American College of Lifestyle Medicine
Needham, MA, United States

Lilli Friedland

President, Executive Advisors Inc
Beverly Hills, CA, United States

Tracy Fuller

Founder, Managing Director and Executive Leadership Coach, COMPIO
Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Helen Fung

Talent Development Solutions Director, Lee Hecht Harrison
Place Hold, NY, United States

Francine Gaillour

Executive Director, Senior Faculty, Physician Coaching Institute
Bellevue, WA, United States

Kingshuk Ganguly

CEO and Executive Coach, Lightbulb Moments Consulting

Cynthia Garcia

Vancouver, WA, United States

Laura Gates

San Rafael, CA, United States

Amy Rebecca Gay

Coach, Maynard, MA, United States

Gail Gazelle, M...

Master Physician Executive Coach, The Successful MD
Brookline, MA, United States

Chariti Gent

Director/Lead Faculty Associate, University of Wisconsin Certified Professional Coach Program
Madison, WI, United States

Suncica Getter

Systemic Coach and Consultant, CRR Global
London, United Kingdom

Kharmayne Ghadiali

Managing Consultant & Executive Coach, Lee Hecht Harrison
Southbank, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Dayna Gibbs

Chief Operating Officer, Summit Industrial Income Real Estate Investment Trust
Toronto, ON, Canada

Rhonda Glover

Washington, DC, United States

Nancy Glynn

Founder, Owner and Executive Coach, Dynallia
London, United Kingdom

Steve Glynn

Director Of Enrollment, Saint Mary's College of California
Orinda, CA, United States

Philip Goldman

Partner, The Alexander Partnership
Belgravia, London, United Kingdom

David Goldsmith

Senior Partner, The Goldsmith Group, LLC
Place Hold, NY, United States

Margaret A. Gomez

Executive Coach, Strategist and Leadership Development Consultant, Margaret A. Gomez LLC
New York, NY, United States

Gloria Gonzalez

Founder and Principal, Gonzalez Consulting LLC
Washington, DC, United States

Teresa Goode

Associate Teaching Professor, Northeastern University College of Professional Studies
Kingston, MA, United States

Jesse Goodwin

Portland, OR, United States

Gary Gopinathan

CEO, Innovate Ahead Group

Olga Gorobets

Kyiv, Ukraine